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Sebastian Pardo

Information Superhighway Online - Designed website that would serve as a rotating curation of terrible websites. 2011
Wrist Band Water Bottle - For use in groups, easily keep track of which bottle is yours. Upon opening, remove attached wrist band and wear. Wrist band comes in multiple colors, paired with a unique number letter combination to avoid any confusion. 
Emjoicon Wrapping Paper - Hamburger
This sort of growing up in public requires a bravery of its own, and a similar sense of emotional openness and revelation courses through the film. With “Palo Alto” Coppola transforms weakness into strength, vulnerability into armor. - Mark Olsen, Los Angeles Times
Produced. 2011-2014
Poster for short film, 2011. 
Unused design for Gia Coppola’s Casino Moon short film. 
Robot, 2008. (Designed and built Mask)
Unused Title Treatment for Kahlil Joseph, 2010. 
Poster for short film “Ellipsis”. 2010