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Sebastian Pardo


Trailer for film I produced. 

Information Superhighway Online - Designed website that would serve as a rotating curation of terrible websites. 2011
Wrist Band Water Bottle - For use in groups, easily keep track of which bottle is yours. Upon opening, remove attached wrist band and wear. Wrist band comes in multiple colors, paired with a unique number letter combination to avoid any confusion. 
Emjoicon Wrapping Paper - Hamburger
This sort of growing up in public requires a bravery of its own, and a similar sense of emotional openness and revelation courses through the film. With “Palo Alto” Coppola transforms weakness into strength, vulnerability into armor. - Mark Olsen, Los Angeles Times
Produced. 2011-2014
Poster for short film, 2011. 
Unused design for Gia Coppola’s Casino Moon short film. 
Robot, 2008. (Designed and built Mask)